Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BBC Doesn't Want to Hear Real Reasons for London Riots

From the Majority Report, M-F 11:30am EST at http://Majority.FM:
"The youth and lower class of London are rioting. It's easy to just write them off as "hoodlums"...but as Darcus Howe points out, is there more to it?"


  1. While I can see how their frustrations can turn in to riots and such... Why does that include burning up people's cars and homes, or breaking in to shops and stealing a new flat screen TV? Not to mention killing people now for defending their own businesses? They lost any credibility by acting this way.

  2. I think a lot of people have been taking advantage of the situation and that has spread faster and taken over the message

  3. wow ! I had watched Darcus Howe's interview and I couldnt get it properly the video had some distortion...thankz for placing this here with such a good explanation of things....of course you cant push some one beyond a certain limit..there will be consquences after that..but should have seen it more carefully...these were not Blacks only who were rioting out there..there were whites too....this is the right time for Britain to take care of their distorted shape of discipline in their got to teach kids how to cant leave them on their to bring corporal punishment to some extent and give the parents their control back on their kids..and For God's sake ..have some social justice in your cant keep on telling others what to do! when your own house is out of order...

    nice blog...will stalk it now:-)


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