Saturday, November 26, 2011


"The love and lust over materialistic thing's made by people who are enslaved to work long day's just to be able to put a plate of food on the table and this doesn't include breakfast or lunch. A society of madness and the list goes on. People are driven to even trample and kill one another over fad's. What happen to the day's of kindness of allowing your fellow person of going first?....."


  1. Even though I have lived in a community of mixed religions before, I can't remember ever having seen this scene in that community.
    Even if it did, I might have missed it as I am scared of crowds like that.

  2. We don't have this in Canada, the closest thing that comes to mind is boxing day but it'snot nearly as chaotic. We have a system of line ups and only letting a certain number of people into a store at a time....this is definitely mind boggling isn't it.


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