Monday, August 8, 2011

Video: Leading Islamophobe Publishes New Anti-Islam Book (CAIR)

"In her new book titled "Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance," self-proclaimed human rights activist Pamela Geller discusses what she says are ways in which the United States is under attack by "Islamic supremacists" and "Shari'ah".

Geller is Executive Director of Stop Islamization of America which is considered by many civil and rights organizations as Islamophobic and listed as a hate group, including by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The book, which is scheduled to be released September 6, discusses ways in which the U.S. is being Islamized without Americans' knowledge such as the Justice Department's so-called fight in favor of Sharia law and the possibility of buying halal meat in grocery stores without knowing it.

One organization that comes under direct attack by Geller in her new book is the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which she states, like many other American Muslim groups, is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

But CAIR spokesperson Ibrahim Hooper states Geller's rhetoric is intolerant and hateful, much like the Norway bomber who mentioned Geller in his manifesto as a "decent human being".

Hooper also discussed the possible impact literature like Geller's book may have on the general public."

Salam Alaikum


  1. What a loony. I hope no one reads her hateful book...

  2. Never imagined someone could write such a book - It's horrible to see so much hate. And what definitely makes no sense is that she is a Human Rights activist. Where is the freedom of religion gone?

  3. The scary thing is that people will actually buy her book and believe what's written in it


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